We provide a one-stop web design and development service, so you don't need to shop around.


From designing to hosting your website, from developing a specialized web application to maintaining your web site, we provide a worry free solution to create and launch your business website effectively and efficiently, using Microsoft ASP.NET technology.

  • web design
  • web applications
  • Web hosting
  • e-commerce shopping carts
  • content management system (Umbraco)
  • web analysis (Google Analytics)
  • web support and maintenance

Web Design

Image is everything. Your website represents your business and your brand. The first impression is important as customers visiting your website will naturally make judgements about your business by how your website looks. It is important to impress your customers with a good and effective design, and we believe in putting a great deal of attention and working with you closely in the design process.

Web Applications

Different businesses will have different concerns and needs when going online. Whether it is for the purpose of online selling, invoicing, event scheduling, making appointment or signing up for membership, we will help you to identify the type of application that is required by your business before engaging in the application development process.

Web Hosting

The ultimate effectiveness of you website and your online business depends on a good, reliable and responsive hosting service. Put this in our hand so that you don't need to worry about what you may not be familiar and comfortable with.


If selling your products or services online is the main purpose of your website, we have the knowledge and experience to develop an e-commerce site for you. From managing your product list to shopping cart, we can provide a turnkey e-commerce solution.

Content Management System (CMS)

We specialized in Umbraco, a Content Management System based on Microsoft ASP.NET technology. Umbraco allows you to easily update or add information to your website. It keeps track of all the contents in your website, including simple text, photos, music, video and documents, and it allows you to manage them with no technical skills required.

Web Analysis

Installation of Google Analytics is included in our total solution package. With this web analysis tool, you will have access to detailed statistics about the visitors to your website.

Web Support and Maintenance

Web support and maintenance is a continuous process, but instead of keeping your own web support and maintenance staff, leave the work to the us who build your website and know it the best. We have various web support and maintenace packages, all of which are designed to give you cost-effective and attentive support to your website.